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Latest 401k News (January 22th, 2020)
IRS Announces Max 401k Contribution Limits for 2020

What Happens to your 401k when you are Divorced?

Throughout your working years, you have built up a huge nest egg of retirement savings, probably a joint account with

Defined Benefit Pension Plans – Retirement Planning

Defined Benefit Pension Plans are the traditional pension plans where both you and your employer withhold a certain amount of

Can You Contribute Too Much to Your 401k?

While many investment advisers recommend that all workers contribute at least 10 percent of their paycheck to a 401k plan, it

Cliff Vesting – 401k Retirement Glossary

Cliff Vesting is when vesting of 401k retirement accounts occurs all at once, rather than a gradual phased out period

Important Questions on 401k Catch Up Contributions

Introduction In the reforms brought about by the Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA), a new concept called

Blackout Period – 401k Retirement Glossary

A Blackout Period (limited or denied access) in terms of 401k retirement plans is an average of 60 days of the

What is a 403b Plan? 403b Distributions & Contributions? Advantages & Disadvantages of 403b Plans

403b plans are retirement savings plans that allow you to make annual dollar contributions (just like 401k plans) and let

401k Retirement Plan Withdrawal Rules

The goal of contributing towards a 401k retirement plan is for you to be able to retire with a good

What is 401k Vesting and How Does it Work?

Last updated Aug 30, 2017 If you are saving up money for your retirement, it is important that you consider the 401(k)

Saver’s Credit: 401k Contributions Tax Credit for Low Income & Middle Income Consumers

If you fall in the category of low income savers, you may be eligible for a tax credit of $1000 on

401k Rollover into IRA – Rules, Processes, Time & Fees Involved

You can do a 401k rollover under 3 circumstances only: – You reach the age of 59.5 and want your money – You quit

Questions to Consider when Changing 401k Plan Vendors

If you are planning to change the firm that administers your employees’ 401k plans, or the 401k vendor, consider the

What is a 401k Plan

A 401k is a company/employer sponsored retirement plan that allows workers to take out a portion of money from

401k Lump Sum Rollover – Should Retirees Take the Cash or Rollover to Company Stock?

If you are nearing your retirement or changing your employers, should you take the 401k cash distribution and roll it

September 17th, 2006 Sticking with your 401k Retirement Account Pays Off Long Term, study reveals

A study carried out by 2 Washington DC state organizations revealed that 401k participants who contributed payments towards their employer sponsored 401

401k Loans – Can You Withdraw Money from your 401k Account as a Loan?

401k retirement plans are meant to grow tax-deferred continuously (without any withdrawals) up until you hit retirement age. However, we

401k Investment Options

If you read our article on benefits of a 401k plan, we said: “You have full control over your retirement

401k Retirement Savings Inheritance

If your loved one passes away and leaves behind a 401k retirement savings balance, and if you are the legal